Chile, The Ultimate Adventure

We’ve written a great deal on Chile but I’ve for the most part concentrated on Santiago and the major outlying areas. In this post I’ll concentrate more on the seaside and coastal areas.

I frequent these areas just about every single weekend break and had, for a time, planned on building my cottage near the coastal areas. I could say there’s still a great deal of readily available land for purchase in the coastal areas also.

Prices for a lot variety about $3500 to $7500, depending on the size and locations desired. In my ebook on Chile, I have specific some websites you can go to look at that have photos of available land a lot and surrounding areas.
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These areas are very attractive and rustic. The kind of places, where a small cabin might make one feel so comfortable and at home in the environment.

The particular coastal areas of Chile have a lot to offer anyone who is thinking of living there. The most popular area or city is Viña Del Mar. It is the most popular beach or coastal town due to the fact that, it has a casino, which makes it the central focal point. People travel for miles around to the casino and this is where the Chilean elite and well to do play. It’s very common to run into nearby tv personalities at the casino plus Saturday’s are the best for casino activity. The casino hotel itself nearly rivals the MGM in Las Vegas, in terms of luxury.

If you’re not a bettor that’s OK also, because Viña Del Mar has a wealth associated with shops, restaurants and waterfront exercise for any and all to enjoy. Right across the street to the casino is a large town park where you can rent scooters, bikes and more for the kids, if you’re looking for a bit of romance, then try a “Victoria”, which is a horse drawn carriage trip around the city center.

Right behind the particular casino is the carriage stand, to and your loved one can take a sluggish ride down one of the side roads that is parallel with the ocean. You are able to ride and see the waves as well as the sunset.

Going into the main part of downtown Viña, you will find tons of street vendors selling anything from oil upon canvas paintings of seascapes, to handcrafted leather items and more. Will be certainly much to see and do and there are more small curio shops after that I’ve ever seen in my life in Viña. If you’re looking to collect distinctive and rare items, this would be the area to start.

Now as far as accommodations, the least expensive places are called “residenciales”. These are previous family houses where you can rent a room for a very low price, you won’t find luxury but it’s cheap plus clean. One of the best places can be found with:

Residencial Blanchait

Avenida Valparaiso 82-A

Viña Del Mar

Singles UNITED STATES DOLLAR 20. 00 – 25. 00

There’s fine dining in Viña but if you want something fast and simple you will find loads of cafes and fast food type of restaurants. Fine dining is great yet this city is one with people on the move who don’t always want to take time to enjoy a fine cuisine. Everybody’s arriving and going at all times of night and day. The city is not as lit as Las Vegas but believe me when i state it has the same feel, the same energy and the same excitement.

During the month of February, the Viña Del Mar International Song Festival continues to be held each year since 1970, long lasting all of six days. The place for this major event is the Quinta Vergara amphitheatre, and it’s organized in three parts: the first is the global competition, which traditionally has around ten countries taking part; then you have the folk section, with performers originating from all over Chile; and finally the international show, sprinkled with international stars, and the ever-hopefuls who wish to win over the demanding audience, and let me tell you, Chilean crowds are very tough to please when it comes to entertainment.

Many american cruise ships are starting to make regular stops now within Viña Del Mar which is quickly making it a very international city. Certainly one of my other favorite cities is Valparaiso. Valparaiso is only ten a few minutes by car from Viña Del Mar and it’s considered a historic city. This city has the exact same protection as that of Prague; absolutely nothing in this town can be changed. Everything must be preserved exactly as is.

Valparaiso is more or less a traditional monument, the whole city! It’s very previous but this is its charm plus character. A real treat in Valparaiso, is a ride on an ascensore. The city of Valparaiso has been called “The Vertical City” because it was constructed on large hills, and so the city is truly divided. The shops and stores are in the lower part of the city but the residential living is in the particular hilltop areas, and to get in the hills to the lower part of the town you can take an ascensore.

That is, fundamentally a large elevator car that takes you from the upper to the lower area of the city and vice versa. It’s only a couple hundred pesos for the trip but it’s a thrill you’ll bear in mind and cherish. The ascensores exactly where first built and put into use sometime in 1883 and then there were over 83 working units through the city giving the townspeople access to the lower parts of the city.

Now there are just 15 working units left. Is actually amazing to see these little boxes going up and down tracks constructed into the sides of hills. They work just like old time elevators in that they use a counterweight program to provide the lift. It’s highly suggested if you plan on coming to Chile you make this one of the things you want to encounter.

If you want more info on them you may want to get your hands on my eMag, that’s free at my website. Valparaiso has always reminded me of an European city, because of its architecture and styling. Narrow, cramped cobble stoned streets, give a definite air of old world Western charm.

It has always reminded me of Paris, and once you’ve walked down the streets you’ll feel the Western european influence too, even some of the street names are French. There are several good cafes that are French in name also. One place I can suggest for cozy eating with European flair is the Le Filou De Montpellier Café. Stop by and get the sandwich and a cup of teas, you’ll be glad you did.

You will also find Casa Museo, the museum for Pablo Neruda, a great Chilean article writer. This is definitely a cultural occasion and worth seeing. The Brighton Hotel is a great place to stay that will also has a lounge with lots of excitement! There are all types of places to find activity in Valparaiso.

Just try to get here before June which is the rainiest month for this area, and when it rains it truly pours!

Therefore now comes the big question; is a good place to potentially live in? The solution is yes it is. Rents are usually cheap here and that’s because there are simply no modern buildings here, remember Valparaiso is a historical city, so there’s no new building going on.

Do keep in mind though; it’s a bohemian lifestyle here in the real sense of the word.

The residence buildings are old and Chile is a country that is only interested in what’s new and seemingly contemporary. Most do not wish to live in an older building, as I’ve said in my previous writings. Landlords find it difficult to lease older buildings out. This is why rents are so low here but this is not the case in all places. No, in some parts of the city the rent is high, because you’re living near the ocean. Overall, for the right individual, this can be an ideal situation though.

Discover very little work in Valparaiso. Most work in Santiago and commute everyday. It’s just a little over an hour from Santiago to Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar and for many this is the only way to make a living. But due to the fact that cruise ships are making regular stops here and the casino is the big attract, I suspect a persona can produce a great living teaching casino staff English.

There are also smaller areas that are all along the coast, that make excellent hideaways, and places to live. Should you have a car, I’d say take a lower the coastal highway to Con Con (pronounced, Cone). This is a great coastal town. Sleepy, traditional but with real spirit, several 100 apartment complexes line the sea with the only thing separating all of them from the sand is the two lane highway.

Don’t be alarmed if you happen to see so many Greek styled apartments in this field. That’s normal. Remember what I said about Santiago being an eclectic plus diverse city? The same is true for your coastal areas also. You’ll claim that you’re taking a drive in Portugal when you see the stylings and the pallettes of the apartments and that’s one of the things which make Con so interesting. This almost seems to be a misplaced town.

Whether you’re going to this area or coming back from it you will pass Edelweiss. It’s a Swiss restaurant that has a spectacular view of the ocean and nearby cliffs. Stop and soak up a lot more Euro styled culture at this great restaurant and have a piece of cake and coffee. Check out the menu for other conventional Swiss and German dishes. The optimum time to go is around 4pm, any later on than that and you risk working into the early evening crowd. Just look for the large Swiss flag and you will know you’re there.

Ah yes, you’re wondering now, what’s the average rent for a place in Con Que tiene right? Well it averages about $375 give or take, depending again on how new or old house is. Always expect to pay more when the building is newer and as You will find said in my past writings, a person want a newer building.

Here in Chile, the newer apartment buildings do look all modern and such however they are oh so small space-wise. The older buildings have way more character and are a lot more spacious in size. Again, go to my website and download a free copy of Global Living and check out the pictorial on Valparaiso and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

My only complaint, and the reason why in the end I chose to begin to build my cabin elsewhere, is that the airport is very far from the Valparaiso-Viña De Mar area. From the airport, these types of areas are almost two hrs away. So I thought to myself, merely arrive from traveling and have already been on a plane for ten hrs, I don’t want to spend an additional two hours in a car for home.

So I ruled out building close to the beach and coastal areas yet I love them so much that I spend just about every weekend in these areas. My buddies like to go to gamble at the online casino (they’re gambling addicts, but that is another story in itself) but I like to explore and look around or find a good place to eat.

If you love picture taking, then these areas are a photographers dream! Even if you’re not a great photographer, take lots of pictures anyway! You may glad later you did. There’s no way you can come to any of these towns and not leave with a good feeling. I personally, doubt one can come here instead of entertain the idea of moving and living there.

Don’t think for a moment you can’t live and make it in any one of these simple cities or places, because odds are with a bit of resourcefulness you can. There’s nothing like staring out over the cities from a hilltop and enjoying the lights and the sound of the waves hitting the shores.