Mortising Attachments

A mortise is a joint that can be used to connect two parts of a structure together. The mortise is not complete without its counterpart the tenon. The tenon has to be shaped appropriately to fit into the mortise like a glove fitting a hand. Previously, a lot of houses were constructed on the basis of the post and beam concept. For this purpose a large electrical mortiser was ideal.

A special machine used to create square or rectangular holes in a piece of wood is called a Mortiser. These cube shaped holes are called mortises. There are different types of mortising machines like the square chisel mortise, horizontal mortise, chain mortise etc. However if the number of mortises to be made in your project adds up to very little, i.e. especially if you are into manufacturing of chairs tables etc, there is little need to procure a mortiser, instead you can do it with the aid of a power drill or a even a sharp chisel best mortising machines review.

One of the best mortising attachments you can find is the drill press. This will help to save a lot of money because mortising attachments are available by the piece or in a kit which costs from just $10 to a maximum of $80. This is any day more feasible than investing in a mortise which would easily cost you anywhere around $200. There is also the issue of space constraint. Why bring a machine into an already crammed workshop when you won’t even be using it so often.

Your drill press will allow you to attach a hollow chisel mortising attachment where bits ranging from 1/4th inch to 3/4th inch may be fixed. Such attachments usually come with a hold-down to hold the timber in place while the process takes place.

Where to get your mortising attachment? You’ll find plenty of online stores selling them which makes it quite easy. See that you get quality mortising attachments and not get taken in by the lower costs attached to some low quality ones. If you opt for the latter, there’s every chance that your mortises will turn out to be distorted. It’s also necessary to make sure that the attachment fits your drill press to the hilt otherwise you’ll end up with additional costs.

Small mortises maybe cut with a normal drill bit whereas a Harry Watt square drill bit maybe used for larger mortises. One obvious drawback on using attachments is that the work will be comparatively slow. But the sound produced is comparatively less and there’s no issue of the mortising attachment being worn out quickly.